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NBA virtual 1-on-1 Tournament Final: Kawhi Leonard vs Damian Lillard

It has been an exciting summer, and it is time to declare a winner.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The finale of Pounding the Rock's virtual 1-on-1 Summer Showdown is upon us. The winner of this event will receive a grand prize that is equal in value to a pat on the back. Despite this, the players are clearly getting their heads in the right place.

The final matchup features Spurs favorite Kawhi Leonard, who bullied his way into the finale. In his first matchup, he took on an up-and-coming stud in Anthony Davis. There was some serious concern with the size advantage that Kawhi had to deal with. He won his first game by a landslide, taking home 1240 votes. He moved onto the second round to take on DeMar DeRozan. The crowd was a little smaller for this matchup. It was quite lopsided for Kawhi in this game. He beat DeRozan by 638 votes.

The third round was by far the toughest challenge for possibly anyone in this entire tournament. LeBron James was the number one overall seed. He put up a serious challenge. Fear the Sword tried their hardest to not see an upset occur, but it spread to the Spurs subreddit and there was no turning back. Kawhi beat LeBron by a score of 2,548 to 1,991.

His final game before the finale was against a player that made a serious run. It was clear that the community felt that Dirk could use his height and jumpshot to beat out almost anyone, except Kawhi. Kawhi scraped out the game by a score of 577 to 398.

His foe is Damian Lillard, a player who snuck his way into serious contention when he took down two huge contenders in the first two rounds. In round one he took on Lance Stephenson, who he absolutely dominated. It was a score of 1287 to 189. The next round he played Stephen Curry who was a serious threat to win this tournament. He handled a big frontrunner by 284 votes.

Lillard's third round matchup was not the largest challenge. He faced Joe Johnson who could play, but it was not to the difficulty that Kawhi faced in the third round. Lillard handled his business to take on Carmelo Anthony. Anthony was his biggest challenge. Anthony could score in so many different ways, but it was the 3-point ability that put Lillard over the edge and into the finale.