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Manu Ginobili won't play against Dallas Mavericks

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After struggling with hamstring issues (both left and right) through nearly all of last season, Manu Ginobili tweaked his left ham last night while scoring the game winning layup against the Memphis Grizzlies with 1.8 seconds left.


And now the Spurs just released the following:

Manu Ginobili (tightness, left hamstring) will not play in tonight's Spurs-Mavericks game.

The silver (and black?) lining on this particular could is that in missing a single game, Ginobili will get four straight days of rest because San Antonio's next game isn't until Sunday.

The bad news is that the Spurs will be taking on Dallas without two of their main rotation players, as Tiago Splitter is out with a sprained shoulder.

Get well soon, Manu. And don't come back until you do.