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Spurs start stretch of games in media spotlight

Starting with tonight's game against Dallas the Spurs will play seven of their next 15 games on national television.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off of their victory over the Grizzlies in overtime last night, the Spurs get no rest as they are set to battle the Mavericks tonight on ESPN.

Our small-market heroes will get a rare stretch of games where they will be on national TV for nearly half of their games over the next month. The Whirlwide Liter is responsible for broadcasting four of the games and ABC, TNT, and NBATV pick up the other three. Here's a look at the games (tip-offs in Spurs time):

  • January 8th - Spurs vs. Dallas, note the early start time (6PM) on ESPN
  • January 15th - Spurs vs. Utah, (7PM) on ESPN
  • January 22nd - Spurs vs. Oklahoma City, (7PM) on ESPN: Or ditch the TV and get discounted tickets, courtside warmup experience, and free t-shirt with our ticket deal
  • January 26th - Spurs at Miami, (12PM) on ABC
  • January 29th - Spurs vs. Chicago, (8:30PM) on ESPN
  • February 3rd - Spurs at New Orleans, (7PM) on NBATV: This is the first game of the Rodeo Road Trip
  • February 6th - Spurs at Brooklyn, (7PM) on TNT

So Pounders, what do you have to say about this stretch of media coverage?