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GIF: Tim Duncan bends his full-court outlet pass like Beckham

Kevin C. Cox

There were a number of excellent highlights from the first two quarters of Spurs vs. Clippers, when the home team doubled up the Los Angeles, 70-35. But my favorite might have been this assist from Tim Duncan to Marco Belinelli.

One of the most underrated parts of Duncan's all-around excellence is his accurate outlet passes, and you might never see a better one than this as he puts some heavy spin on the ball in order to keep Darren Collison from stealing the pass. Duncan, like a curve-ball pitcher, starts this well to the far side of the backboard, and it breaks a good 4-5 feet before it's caught by Marco for a dunk to put an exclamation point on a nearly mistake-free first half.


If there's any doubt that Duncan intended for this ball to break, look no further than the way he follows through on the pass. Check out his right hand as it releases the ball and continues to slice sideways across his body. Man, a 6'11 pitcher like Timmeh would have been a fearsome thing for MLB batters to behold.