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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Rockets

Manu went 30 feet to dunk the ball. Unfortunately he hurt his hamstring doing so. The dunk was sweet, so let's look at it and some other nice plays from the Spurs' loss to the Rockets on Tuesday.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Tim Duncan started the game off hot, scoring easily and bothering Dwight Howard on the other end. Here we see Cory Joseph feed the big man with a nice bounce-pass. Timmy doesn't waste any time and hits the 8-foot turn-around jumper over Howard.


This play is fun. Jeff Ayres comes out to set a high-screen for Tony Parker, and Donatas Montiejunas goes over the screen which results in a double team on Tony. That's not the best defensive strategy and Tony finds Ayres with a great bounce-pass between Montiejunas and Patrick Beverly. Four on three opportunity for the Spurs. Dwight Howard has to slide over to take the lane away from Ayres which leaves the baseline wide open for Big Fun to go backdoor. Jeff makes a solid pass to Tim for the easy jam.


I think Timmy likes to play against Howard. We don't often see Tim work this high in the post, but it seems like he wanted to go to work against D12 Tuesday night. The team clear out for Tim. Then, a couple of fakes, a half spin, a couple dribbles, and finally the banker. Dwight played good defense, and Tim had to take the shot from a less than ideal angle, but the shot was true. I'm not worried about this vet.


The Manu re-aggravated that hammy last night. I won't get into that, but I will show you three good things from Ginobili. In the first we have Patty Mills and Manu on a fast break. Excellent finish.


Check out Manu repay the favor to Mills with this gorgeous pass. Wow! The bench approves.


And the awesome dunk that broke Manu.


Let's finish this up with a GIF of Boris scoring. The jack-of-all-trades was good Tuesday night. He finished the game with 22 points, 11 rebounds, four assists, and two blocks. I guess he didn't like being called Boris the Meek. Here's his per-game stats from the last three games, followed by the GIF.