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Stampler and Phil Naessens chat about... the Knicks and Timberwolves?

Finally, a sports podcast that's not all up in the Spurs mix 24/7. Let them players play.

Neilson Barnard

I know, right now it doesn't feel all that exciting and fun to be a Spurs fan. The injuries. All the injuries. The Ginobili struggles. Can you believe some dope said he should be an All-Star on a podcast last week? How embarrassing for that guy.

Anyway, as we covered in this rehash, there are plenty of teams, like 27 of them, that actually have it worse than the Spurs, believe it or not.

Two of those teams, as it happens, are the Knicks and the Timberwolves. Those teams are awful and no one should ever root for them unless they're paid to, yet plenty of people out there, clueless as they are, pay hard-earned money to watch them play and to wear their hats and shirseys and such.

On this week's show, Phil Naessens asked me why those bad teams are bad. I tried to come up with something more nuanced than "bad teams are bad because they are bad," but you'll have to listen for yourself to judge whether it made sense or not.

The good news is we hardly brought up the Spurs at all, except for the fact that J.R. Smith almost played for them once. I mean, can you imagine? LOLs.

Also, after my segment Zeb from Welcome to Loud City is on and he and Phil chat about Team USA basketball, which announced it's provisional 28-man roster for the 2014-16 international competitions. As you may have heard, Kawhi Leonard was on that list, but he's probably going to have to take his game up a couple of levels to really have a shot to make those teams. I'm guessing they'll talk about snubs like Roy Hibbert and John Wall.

Just click the play button here because it's the only sports broadcast you're going to listen to that's not about Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman or Kevin Durant. In case the player above doesn't work you can listen to the entire program from Phil's site located here.

Take a listen. His show is broadcast Monday thru Friday on Max Sports Channels, Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network , Kozmik Radio, First Online Radio and Baseball Podcasts You can download the show here, and subscribe to the show's podcast here.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts of the show in the comments and offer feedback, good, bad or indifferent.