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GIF Breakdown: Spurs at Heat

The injury depleted Spurs lost to the Heat. Let's look at a couple of plays, including a couple from Othyus Jeffers, the new addition to the team.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Duncan was solid early on, finishing the first half with with 17 points. This is his 13th point of the game. Watch the ball as it makes it's journey around the rim four times before falling through. Check out how close the ball gets to popping out of the cylinder.

My favorite part - Chris Bosh. He takes position to grab the rebound with Baynes fighting him, but by the end of the ball's first trip around the rim Aron backs off and makes his way back to his end of the court. Bosh is hypnotized by the dance of the rock, and after a brief moment of hope that the ball would work it's way out of the basket, that hope is washed away as the ball falls through the net. Then Bosh expresses his disappointment with the ball by giving it just a little smack.


The most famous man in the world whose name starts with Othy played in his second game of the season with the Spurs, and he scored twice. The first GIF shows a nice crossover from Jeffers on his way to two points. Those are some nifty moves and a pretty nice finish. He looks like a professional basketball player. In the second GIF we see Jeffers cut along the baseline and Baynes makes a nice pass to him for the dunk. Jeffers_to_the_hole


Aaronstampler mentioned this pass in his rehash. He called it one of the top-ten passes he'd ever seen. I dunno, but it really is an amazing pass. I would like to point out that had Jeffers not stopped, the pass would have been on the money.


The two best players for the Spurs on Sunday were Timmy and Boris, so let's end this breakdown with a two-play GIF. Boris finds Tim in great position for four easy points. Two off a bounce-pass, and another where Boris is the trailer. As the trailer Boris makes a strong move through the lane and receives the ball before stopping on a dime and smoothly making the assist to Big Fun. The pass to Tim may not quite have been a touch-pass, but BoBo didn't hold the ball long.

You may recall Timmy finding a cutting Boris during the Hawks game. I really enjoy watching these two guys play together.