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Power Rankings Week 12: Midseason Edition

We're exactly halfway through the 2013-14 NBA season, with the Spurs still leading the West after dropping a game last week to the Blazers. Let's check their progress report.

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Losses to top teams, blowouts over bottom-feeders and more injuries. Halfway through the year, the 32-9 Spurs aren't looking to change the script anytime soon.

The loss to Portland dropped San Antonio a bit in the rankings, but it's hard to complain about how things have gone this year, even with a few key injuries and the absence of that pesky #signaturewin.

The Spurs are still tops in the uber-competitive West, on pace for 64 wins, and have another chance to prove themselves with a tilt against Oklahoma City this week. Kevin Durant has gone Super Saiyan since Westbrook went down again, and it's hard to imagine a tougher assignment for a hobbled squad to take on than containing the Durantula. After that, the Spurs play the next three on the road, including a Sunday matchup against the Miami Heat.

So, halfway through, how are you feeling about your Spurs?

Marc Stein from ESPN, (Spurs rank: 4, last week's rank: 3)

I would tend to echo what this scout says about not fretting too much about the Spurs' 1-8 record against the rest of the West's top five -- plus Indiana -- except that Gregg Popovich keeps saying it's a real thing, while no less an authority than Manu Ginobili admits it's in the players' heads.

Marc J. Spears from Yahoo! Sports (Spurs rank: 3, last week's rank: 1)

Tony Parker missed Sunday's game against Milwaukee with a right shin contusion. He also sat out two games earlier this season with the same injury.

Jason Patt from SBNation NBA (Spurs rank: 3, last week's rank: 2)

The Spurs had been on a roll before their showdown with the Blazers, so the loss was just a slight hiccup. Still, San Antonio had to be a little disappointed they couldn't add a marquee win to their résumé.

USA Today (Spurs rank: 2, last week's rank: 2)

They are down two starters, but you barely would notice from watching them.

John Schuhmann from (Spurs rank: 3, last week's rank: 1)

The Spurs were 26-0 in games they led after the third quarter ... until they lost to the Blazers on Friday. They're still undefeated when they take a lead into the fourth quarter with Gregg Popovich still on the bench. Danny Green is out with a broken hand, so they're now down two starters. But they still have the West's best record and still have Kawhi Leonard to try to slow down Kevin Durant on Wednesday

Matt Moore from (Spurs rank: 5, last week's rank 3)

They've struggled with the best in the West, have had injury issues and disappointments ... and yet, they're still the Spurs. The question is whether these little things indicate the situation has changed since last June, or if the Spurs are playing possum again.

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