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SAS/OKC tickets here, get your cheap tickets

If you were putting off taking advantage of the latest ticket deal offered to Pounders, now is the time to quit delaying. The deal expires tonight at midnight Spurs time.


If you want to get to the OKC game early enough to watch all of the players warm up, like paying much less than normal for tickets, and wear t-shirts, then you should take advantage of the deal PtR has set up with the Spurs. So get the tickets now, which are discounted up to 40%. What an outstanding deal. This is the last chance. Don't delay.

Again, the deal expires at midnight tonight. Snatch up those cheap tickets!

And all you have to do is go to here, enter promo code PTR, create an account, and choose your seats from six different price levels: four lower level options ($131, $116, $99, $84) and two upper level options ($40, $29). Purchase as many tickets as you like, up to 10, and you will be contacted about your exclusive passes for the Courtside Experience, which is included in the price. Not to mention the free Spurs t-shirt you will receive.

If the link above doesn't behave as I've described, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the man who helped PtR set this up, Spurs representative Danny Farias at 210-444-5607 or

So click on this pic and get your tickets now. The rest of the £ers, and I, will see you there.