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Spurs at Pelicans: GIF breakdown

In last night's slim victory over the Pelicans, the Spurs had several GIF-worthy plays including a Red Rocket rejection.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Kawhi Leonard didn't have a coast-to-coast play last night, but he did swipe the ball from Anthony Davis at the three-point line, and during the one-man fast break he went behind his back and finished with a pretty little layup. I'm glad he's on our side.


Speaking of Anthony Davis, he had a nice game. He was called the next Tim Duncan leading up to the draft when he was taken with the first overall pick. While I don't think he (or anyone else) will be the next Timmy, I do think he's going to be great, like lead a team to a championship great. He put up a sneaky 22-11 Monday night, and not satisfied with that Tim-like line, he went one step further. In objection to a foul called on him he did his best Timmy impression. Eyes fully bulged and mouth open in disbelief - he protests the call with a quiet stare. Very good, young padawan, but you still have much to learn.


This next play is sneaky. It's almost as if CIA Pop drew it up. As Tony brings the ball up we see Timmy and Marco leisurely walking up the court. This should have alerted the Pels that something unexpected was going to happen. The Spurs don't take plays off, and Marco would normally be benched if he showed this kind of effort. Tony dribbles just outside the arc and looks like he is going to run some halfcourt offense, Eric Gordon takes his eyes off of Marco for just a moment, but that moment was all that Marco needed. Just as Eric turns his head the Italian sharpshooter sprints toward the basket, and Kawhi makes sure that Gordon will not keep up with Marco by setting an effective screen. Tony finds the cutting Belinelli and all Eric can do is watch and react with a, what..dang, before he hangs his head in defeat.


Look what we have here. Just a day after Matty B was involved in the most exciting play of his career, we get to see him perform another rarity. The Red Mamba makes an outstanding defensive play, blocking Roberts' shot, securing the ball, and then finds Marco with the outlet pass. Check out the awareness that Bonner shows as he pulls back his initial pass, waits for Ajinca to pass by, and gives the rock to Marco. Marco has a mere six seconds to try and score. What does he do? He runs 70 feet, hesitates to shake Ajinca, and takes a 19-footer while fading to the baseline and sideline as he sinks the shot as the quarter ends. Awesome. Bonner_block__beli_buzeer

That wasn't the only nice shot Marco hit last night. Check him out as he coldly drains a 33-footer with his normal shooting motion and is sure it's going in. Come si dice "feeling it."


Finally, we have Tony Parker. The Spurs were up by two with one minute left to play, and Tony ran some clock before driving into the lane where he converted a ridiculous shot (and showed off his elite body control) that gave the good guys a little breathing room with 45 seconds left. Tony is still finishing with the best of them. Davis shows his disbelief.