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Final Score: Spurs survive in New Orleans, win 101-95

Tim Duncan fouled out for just the 16th time in his career, but the Spurs held off the scrappy Pelicans in a game that turned out to be a thriller.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

I fully expected the Spurs to cruise to another easy victory tonight. What we got instead was a back and forth game that came down to the final couple of minutes. I guess I should be happy that the Spurs got the win, and I am, but having a little skin in the game on the Spurs as 5 1/2 point favorites made this a stress fest down the stretch for me.

First, the Pelicans deserve a ton of credit for playing hard tonight. They had a double digit lead that turned into a double possession deficit, but they never quit and got help from a number of players that you wouldn't expect. Brian Roberts had a really nice game where he scored 19, and I would think that most people outside of New Orleans have no idea who is. He hit some timely threes to keep the Spurs from pulling away, and he played a heck of a game. Austin Rivers also performed much better than I expected.

For their part, the Spurs started the game halfheartedly and by halftime had found themselves in a tight contest, trailing the Pels by one. Tony Parker had an outstanding game, finishing with 27 and seven on nine of fifteen shooting. Timmy finished with 18 and nine before leaving the game after his sixth foul. Manu chipped in 14, Belinelli had 12 (including a three from Baton Rouge), and Kawhi finished with 13.

The Spurs leave The Big Easy with a not so easy victory and are the first team in the NBA to 30 wins this season. Your Spurs improve their best-in-the-West record to 30-8 and tie the idle Pacers for overall best record (the Spurs have one more win and loss than Indiana).

I'll leave you Pounders with this little gem:


Anthony Davis had a Duncanesque 22-11. Just like Timmy, it kind of snuck up on you. In an effort to be more like Tim, the young Davis breaks out his best eye-bulge. Job well done youngin'.