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Spurs vs. T-Wolves GIF Breakdown

There were several plays that stood out in last night's victory over Minnesota, let's take a look.


Kawhi Leonard seems to go coast-to-coast in just about every game, and it's fun every time. Here he comes up with a board, beats Chase Budinger down the floor and sees nothing between him and a bucket. I mean technically I guess Ricky Rubio was between Whi and the hoop, but I'm not convinced that Rubio could have stopped Kawhi from scoring here even if he tried to tackle him. I just don't see it.


Next we have the always enjoyable point-foward Tim Duncan running a fast break. Really though, that was a nice pass to Leonard who makes a very pretty spin-move. Then Whi and Timmy, both stone-faced and with no fanfare, get back on defense. Because of course they do. I agree with the bench. This was good, it was even good enough to stand up for and give a polite clap, but we've come to expect this. If you go too hard celebrating this, you run the risk of not being able to turn it up a notch when something really great comes along.


This next play is one of my favorites of the season ever. Tony and the Red Mamba run a devastating two-man game on the confused Minnesota defenders. In total there is one screen set, five passes made, 10 dribbles dribbled, three pumps faked, and at least 20 feet of court slid on by the Wolves defenders before Tony finds Matty wide open just below the break. Bonner of course knocks down the triple, and then gives a little Sammy Sosa home-run hop before realizing he was just involved in the most exciting play of his career; he can hardly contain himself as he grins and wonders if that was really as cool as it felt.


Now take a look at the bench. We see every player intently watching the play until Tony makes the final pass to Matt. Best cerebral reaction? Easily Bobo, with his next-level understanding of the game, who realizes that Matt is about to score just a split second before anyone else does. He's also the first one out of his seat, and proceeds to clap not because he is cheering his teammates on. No, he is clapping the clap of a deep appreciation for what he just witnessed from the best seat in the house. More bravo than go team. Best visceral reaction? It's got to be Baynes, right? His mind is blown, and one arm raised with a towel in hand is not enough celebration. He gives up the towel and goes into a full-on, universally recognized as victory, double arm raise. Honorable mention goes to Patty, the man of many towel waves, who decided to go with The Ninja in celebration.