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What if the San Antonio Spurs were an old-school, European soccer club?

Serbian designer Milan Vučković did some great work reimagining new logos for all 30 NBA teams, where he fused Old-World football badges with current NBA logos.

Milan Vučković took the fun concept of merging the two styles and ran with it - in his words:

I had this idea for a long time and also almost no time to do it. The idea was to mix two sports and redesign their logos. Being a fan of both football (or soccer) and basketball, I decided to redesign NBA logos and make them look like football logos. Every logo you see is color correct and matches the idea of the original logo.

Here are his logos for the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Milwaukee Bucks:




(Images via Milan Vuckovic/

I really enjoy creative offerings like this and thought that these were all pretty well done. I encourage you to check out all thirty of the logos, and like, share, tweet, etc.