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2013 Pounding the Rock Member Awards

We present to you the top-ten PtR commenters, fanposters, and fanshotists for the 2013 calendar year.


Our community enjoyed a great year in 2013. From the thousands of great comments, the hundreds of spirited debates, the countless hilarious moments, the fantastic pictures, the always fun gamethreads, the just-right gifs, and the sharing of our passion for Spurs basketball no matter where on the planet we may live, it's really fun to be a part of our not-so-little community.

In the first half of the year the Spurs may have come up just a little bit short of their fifth championship, but it was a heck of a run the boys had. It ended in heartbreak, but the journey to June was entirely too much fun. I wouldn't trade the pride I felt watching the boys come out and fight in game seven, the pleasure of watching Timmy do his legendarily-consistent thing night in and night out, Tony at the top of his game, Kawhi stepping up under the bright lights, and Manu's beautiful assists for just about anything.

In the second half of the year the Spurs added a couple of new players, lost a couple, and started Tim Duncan's 17th run at a title. That's ridiculous. I'll continue to say it until the Ageless One calls it quits, we are incredibly lucky. At least 50 wins (or the equivalent) every year and never having even the slightest notion that the Spurs wouldn't be in the second season. I want a championship as much as everyone else, but these past several years have all been bonus Timmy-time to me. The first-half of the 2013-2014 season is almost behind us, and I've been enjoying all of it. Manu's resurgence, Tim's slow start and return to form, the cup game, Bili MiNelli, Pop's hug, Boris 'joie de vivre' Diaw, sitting on top of the West (okay, that may have come just after the year ended, but...), and knowing the boys have a good shot to bring home the Larry O'Brien have me happy and optimistic about the rest of the season. And I'm glad I get to experience it with all of you.

So thanks for making this the best site for all of your Manu Ginobili loving and San Antonio Spurs news. Thanks for reading, commenting, and posting. Here are our most prolific members of 2013.

Top Ten Fanshot Posters

10. TDzilla! (5)
9. Alamo (5)
8. kennyfrc (5)
7. groundhawgg (5)
6. J.R. Wilco (6)
5. Big50 (6)
4. swgeek (7)
3. indiancharlie (7)
2. nicolaspursfan88 (12)
1. play_splitter (14)

Top Ten Fanpost Posters

10. swgeek (9)
9. malvarez458 (9)
8. Juan Cantu (9)
7. TrooperJoe73 (9)
6. jonah.hall (9)
5. stijl (10)
4. Kondor (11)
3. nicolasspursfan88 (13)
2. SRJ34 (16)
1. janieannie (17)

Top Ten Commenters

10. CapHill (3957)
9. chajamamama (4125)
8. spursfan87 (4394)
7. Dark Black (4418)
6. kenshinsama (5127)
5. hurts2bgood (6462)
4. JohnWilSal (6865)
3. theghostofjh (7008)
2. play_splitter (8113)

and the number one commenter of 2013 by well over 1000 comments:

1. Kondor (9361)

Thanks for the great year £ers. 2014 is sure to be another good year, filled with excellent comments, fanposts, and fanshots. Maybe we'll even see the good guys raise that elusive fifth banner in the fall. Go Spurs!