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GIF: Tiago Splitter takes Mirza Teletovic into the spin cycle

We know him as the Reverse-layup King, but could Tiago also be the Minister of Spin?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, J. Gomez wrote a story about Tiago Splitter's struggles on offense, and promoted his article on PtR by asking, Does the reverse layup king need new tricks? Well, it's almost as though Tiago had been reading our humble little website again, because he unveiled a brand new offensive weapon on Tuesday.

Look what he did against the Nets' Mirza Teletovic on New Year's Eve as Brooklyn's big man was over-playing him to the middle


While the footwork on this move could use some additional work, I'm struck by how far to the left-hand side of the basket he is when he takes off -- while still being able to kiss the layup off the right side of the backboard.

Nice work, Tiago. What do you have for us next? A 20 foot jumper? Oh, that's right. You did that one already.