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Tim Duncan's attempt to revenge-prank Manu Ginobili goes awry

There's getting even. There's getting ahead. And then there's what Duncan did to Manu on New Year's Eve at the AT&T Center.

I know you want revenge, Tim, but you've got to get up early in the morning to prank the Argentine.
I know you want revenge, Tim, but you've got to get up early in the morning to prank the Argentine.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Just over a month ago, at the end of the Spurs' blowout of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Manu Ginobili pranked Tim Duncan by placing a disposable cup underneath him just before he sat down. The story went viral as everyone enjoyed Manu's sleight of hand, Duncan's "Aww-shucks, you got me!" reaction, and Tony Parker's double fist-pump of celebration.

At the time, I speculated that it was just the latest round in an ongoing game of got-you-to-sit-on-a-cup, but we didn't have evidence of any other rounds ... until now.

Tuesday night, during garbage time of the Spurs' blowout of the New Jersey Nets, Duncan had a plan. Working in conjunction with an assistant coach to his left, he bided his time, waiting for Manu to turn around and sit. Tony, just as before, sits down and tries to avoid giving anything away, but you can tell the tension is getting to him.

As Manu finishes his conversation and turns around, Duncan launches his attack. Reaching for the cup being handed to him by Pop's assistant, he tries to quickly place it beneath Ginobili as Manu had done so successfully last month.

But the hand-off is fumbled, then the placement is off, then an adjustment is needed, then ... in all, Tim makes five different attempts to get the cup down before Manu sits. And Ginobili saw every one of them because he was checking his seat, just in case.

Watch Manu as he takes a peek at Tim's bumbling, puts his hand on his leg to give Duncan more time, looks back at Tim while he waits for him to finish, and covers his face with his hand as he laughs. Then check out Duncan's reaction as he finally finishes only to see that Manu's been watching, and Tim's smile as he asks Manu if he saw the whole thing.

Man. the Big Three are just as much fun to watch on the bench as they are on the court.