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A Matt Bonner dunk ... with no survivors

Last season, in the final minutes of a blowout win over Houston, Matt Bonner threw down a thunderous dunk which sent whimpering cries up and down I-10. No Rocket players could be accounted for. #WithNoSurvivors

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

My friend George is a lover of most things nerdy; an unabashed gamer; level 99 peddler of collectibles; avid attendee of comic conventions; and co-owner of three long-haired chihuahuas. He's also a huge Spurs fan.

Recently George has taken to punctuating almost anything his girlfriend Julianna (or anyone, really) says by enthusiastically adding "With no survivors!"

The line, of course, is uttered by Bane in the opening scene in The Dark Knight Rises, right before he and his minions crash an FBI plane (spoiler: no one survives).

But while Bane merely adopted the expression, George has molded it to fit almost any situation. For instance, his girlfriend might be heading out the door and say:

"George, I'm heading out to meet your mother and sister at Starbucks."

To which he would, with his hand cupping his mouth, reply, "With no survivors."

Or she might poke her head in from the bedroom while we're playing Playstation and say:

"If you don't turn the volume down, I'm gonna turn the TV off."

Whereupon he'll exclaim, "WITH NO SURVIVORS!!!"

He himself has also been prone to tubing the Comal River, engaging in fantasy football matchups, and walking the dogs--all with no survivors.

Inevitably the expression is beginning to wear out its welcome at home but, in the realm of basketball discourse, the fire rises....

The Spurs may not have a Dark Knight, but they do have a Red Rocket, and the following play by the Spurs forward - and poster boy for Pounding the Rock's Twitter page -  puts the finishing touches on the game with an attitude that has us giddily reverting back to our Bane voice, even as we narrate one of last year's most hilariously enjoyable plays.

Coming around the screen, Cojo hits Matt Bonner with a pass as he rolls towards the basket. Catching it in stride, Bonner rises and rocks the rim... WITH NO SURVIVORS!

This coming season, PtR will keep celebrating perilous performances of this nature by occasionally exclaiming - well, you know. If you find a worthy Spurs highlight, you can do the same. Find the clip, tweet it from the top of the highest mountain with the hashtag, #WithNoSurvivors, and share it.

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