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Josh Childress to work out for the Spurs

The 30-year-old, seven year veteran will try out for the 15th roster spot. Is it just due diligence or are the Spurs looking to sign a forward?


According to HoopsHype, Josh Childress will work out for the Spurs. (H/T Project Spurs).

Childress is coming off a season where he played sparingly for the Brooklyn Nets after being amnestied by the Suns following two disappointing seasons in which he struggled to get off the bench. You may also remember Childress for leaving the NBA for two years to go play for Olympiacos after he couldn't reach a lucrative extension with the Atlanta Hawks.

Childress is an athletic 6-7 swingman that was drafted sixth overall in the 2004 draft after being named Pac 10 Player of the Year. But he could never make good on the promise he showed as a rookie, when he averaged ten points, six rebounds and almost two assists per contest. His game plateaued and his lack of shooting severely limited his development. He had a few good seasons in Europe after leaving the Hawks but could not duplicate his previous success in the NBA.

The Spurs' interest in Childress is probably based on his defensive work. He has all the tools to be a solid perimeter defender, even if his lack of weight could make guarding the bigger small forwards somewhat difficult. Offensively, his lack of range would severely limit his usefulness on a team that puts as many shooters on the floor as possible, but his ability to finish in transition and his good instincts as a cutter could make him a suitable option next to a shooting big forward.

With James Johnson also reportedly coming to San Antonio for a workout, the Spurs are exercising due diligence and trying to see what's out there in terms of defensive-minded forwards, regardless of their shooting ability. In all likelihood, that's all it is and not a serious attempt to fill the 15th roster spot. With Belinelli, Ginobili and Green, minutes at the off-guard position will be hard to come by, so the Spurs will likely roll with Danny Green and Manu Ginobili splitting the minutes behind Kawhi Leonard at SF.

Still, Childress is a veteran player that enjoyed some success both in the league and in Europe, and if the Spurs feel that they can help him develop a more consistent outside shot, he might get serious consideration, at least as an end-of-bench guy.

So what do you think, Pounders? Should the Spurs sign Josh Childress, or would you prefer James Johnson? Neither? Both?

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