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Poll: Is it time to leave Game 6 behind?

It's time for you to make your voice heard on a subject that's started a good deal of debate in the comments section of our recent analysis pieces.

Do we take one more shot at it, or do we pass?
Do we take one more shot at it, or do we pass?

Unless this is your first visit to PtR in the last month, you're aware that we've been running a series of posts looking at just what went wrong in Game 6 of the Finals. You know, just some light summer reading for the Spurs fan on the go.

First, J. Gomez examined the case against Tiago's 4th quarter and found it didn't hold water. Then he looked at Danny Green's performance in Miami to see whether he really disappeared. For Part 3, it was the Big Three who went under the microscope. Then I took on the case against Pop (with help from Gomez), followed by Stampler's re-visiting of why the buck stops with the coach.

Throughout the series, £ers have used the comments section to share about how the series was helping them sort through their thoughts and feelings about the championship that wasn't. Well really, that's just half of the story. There have also been a lot of people asking why we were still wallowing in the loss, and couldn't we just leave well enough alone.

So, I'm putting it to a vote. I have one more piece I want to write on Game 6, but if the site at large would rather not spend one more minute on the subject, then we'll move on.

To Game 7! (Not really.)

(But maybe.)