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Who will be the Spurs' best players four years from now?

SBNation NBA is predicting the top 100 players of 2017, and two Spurs are in the top 60. Who are they and where do they rank?

Tom Pennington

I was asked to contribute to the following thought-experiment: looking two years past the end of Tim Duncan's current contract to see what the Top of the NBA's talent pool looked like. They did the same thing two years ago and just had a good laugh at how poorly they did, but that's not stopping them from learning from their mistakes and trying again.

Here are the bits I wrote on Tony Parker:

The knock on Parker early in his career was that when his speed went, so would his effectiveness. But with his elite ability to negotiate screens, his knowledge of the offense and his excellent mid-range game, he should be able to age gracefully.

and Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi in 2017's top 25? That thought would have had me jumping up and down on the day he was drafted. But with the way he's grown in his first two years in the league, 24 is his basement. Anything up to the 10th slot wouldn't surprise me now. FYI, Pop says he'll be running plays for him next year.

If you're interested in what the SBNation folks said about our guys, and the rest of the league, check out Tony's ranking here, and Kawhi's excellent placement here.