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J.R. Wilco talks about Greg Oden, DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal on the Phil Nassens show

J.R. Wilco makes his weekly appearance on the Phil Naessens Show and says adios to DeJuan Blair and Gary Neal

Once again I was a guest on the Phil Naessens Show and, miracle of miracles, I'm his first guest. We talk about the departed Gary Neal and DeJuan Blair before moving on to speculate about the possibilities of Greg Oden ever becoming a Spur.

The next two segments are also worth a listen. J.A. Sherman from Welcome to Loud City and Phil give their Western Conference seeding predictions and Kevin Lipe from Grizzly Bear Blues discusses the Mike Miller signing and much more.

The whole show is available on this page via the player below.

Take a listen. His show is broadcast Monday thru Friday on Max Sports Channels, Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network and Kozmik Radio.

You can download the show here, and subscribe to the show's podcast here.