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Orlando Summer League Roundup: Day 1.5

Let's take a breather from all the free agency talk and watch some non-Spurs basketball

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not watching every minute of every game, but I'm watching way more than is personally healthy. It's been said that having a great summer league doesn't necessarily relate to having a good season, while the opposite is perceived to be more true. It's difficult to project either way, but impressive performances are impressive performances, regardless. Here's a basic rundown of which players have impressed me so far.

Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons- this guy is a beast. Calling him the next Dwight Howard, in my opinion, would be selling him short. His footwork and body control in the post are already light years ahead of Howard. The actual shot, however, is not. It's promising for Pistons fans, though, that the moves are there, because it's historically much easier to develop a shot than it is to develop the balance and craftiness it takes to shimmy and shake in the post. The second-year player had 12 points, 16 rebounds, 6 blocks, and 5 steals. If I remember right, that came in roughly 20 minutes on the court. Summer league or not, that's ridiculous.

Kelly Olynyk, Boston Celtics- Showed a pretty fluid post game, but isn't any more athletic than some of the summer roster fodder. That could be a major problem. I still think he'll be a good player, but it's probably going to take him a little longer to adjust to the NBA size and speed than the average rookie. I expect him to get a lot of his shots blocked.

Miles Plumlee, Indiana Pacers- Another solid post player. He's definitely an upgrade over Tyler Hansbrough as David West's backup. He's got the size, skills, and savvy to be a rotation player immediately. Showed good awareness and fundamental soundness in pursuit of his 9 rebounds and 6 blocks.

Solomon Hill, Indiana Pacers- A college 4 that's trying to transition to a 3/4, he's well on his way to doing it. Right now he's your typical crash the boards, hustle guy. But he's capable of exploiting mismatches against smaller players and when he's switched against larger players. Probably an ideal backup for Paul George.

Peyton Siva, Detroit Pistons- The undersized point guard could end up being the steal of the draft. Siva didn't look to shoot much, but consistently broke down the defense off the dribble, getting into the paint with and without screens, and finding an open teammate. In Sunday's game, he had 6 assists to only 1 turnover. He would have had more assists, but the Pistons shot horribly (around 35%) in the first half. He's got great floor vision and the ability to pass the ball off the dribble. He should see minutes for the Pistons this year.

Michael Carter-Williams, Philadelphia 76ers- 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists in Sunday's game. Also had 9 turnovers. While I didn't get to watch much of the game on Sunday, based on the game today, a good chunk of his turnovers come on plays where a team used to playing with each other would convert. He could be a really good player once he establishes chemistry with his teammates. Very cerebral, but he does still need to improve his shot.

There were others, but if you're watching (or at least catching the highlights) who's impressed you so far?