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Spurs sign Marco Belinelli to a two year $6M deal

This is how fast things move when PATFO knows who they want, have the money to spend, and are targeting a player who's interested in coming to San Antonio. Marco Belinelli is now a Spur.


Welp. That didn't take long.

Within 15 minutes of this tweet:

There was this:

And just like that, PATFO had their man: a 27 year old 6'5' shooting guard who's played in Oakland, Toronto, New Orleans and most recently, Chicago. He entered the NBA in 2007 and he's used to coming off the bench, having started just a bit less than half the games he's played in.

But what's his game like, you may ask? Well, according to Spurs fan extrordinaire, SgtinManusArmy, who's been telling me for weeks that the Spurs should target Marco:

He's got adequate D, very strong BBIQ, very strong jumpshooting and very strong confidence. He was directly responsible for the Bulls even making it a series with the Heat this year. He's a perfect Spur, and I've been eyeing him all year. [Editor's note: Yes, I know. You don't have to remind me again. -jrw] Trust me when I say, this will end up being one of the year's best FA moves league-wide. His career is 39% on his threes, on teams that didn't understand how to use sharpshooters or isolate. [Editor's note: I'm not sure that describes Chicago. -jrw] Put him on a team that put the "F" in Danny F'n Green? Look out!

Well, that was insightful and energetic as always. Thanks, SiMA. But how about let's take a look at some info from someone who watched Belinelli play game in, game out for a couple of seasons. This is from Here's AtTheHive's review of Belinelli's 2011/12 season:

...a lot of the problems that Belinelli encounters stem from his being asked to do more than he's really capable of


[He] still tries but still struggles defensively. It's a problem he has not due to a lack of effort but due, simply, to a lack of lateral speed and also without a frame that supports physical play from his opponents.

And then there's this, which the Italian busted out last May after a big 4th quarter bucket:


That's about all for now except to give you a quick peek at his career stats (turns out it's actually .387 from beyond the arc for his career, but that still ain't too bad) and there's the following highlight reel from his time in Chicago. More info and analysis will certainly follow.

Just one more thing: does this clip remind you of anyone? Looks like he can put it on the floor with ease.