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DeJuan Blair moves on ... to Dallas

There are two main roads out of San Antonio. And it looks like DeJuan Blair will be taking the four hour drive north to Dallas along I-35 for his next NBA stop, as a Maverick.


It looks like this will be the week that all of the Spurs' loose ends get tied up. First, news broke on Saturday that Gary Neal would be signing with the Bucks (which apparently hasn't happened yet for some reason but is supposed to some time soon) and now word comes that DeJuan Blair has agreed to join the Mavericks.

Apparently, he's out to show Cyndi Lauper that it's not just pre-adolescent female homo sapiens that are interested in partaking of a good time:

But DeJuan had more to say on the topic than simply announcing his new place of business:

Thanks for that, DeJuan. I'm sure that SA feels the same way about you.

Here's hoping that The Panther is able to have that fun in Dallas that he wasn't able to have too often over the last season and a half as a Spur. And even though

my wish is that his stay with the Mavs is not only enjoyable but also mutually beneficial, even though we know that the future is always

A more serious analysis of DeJuan's time as Spur will follow.