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Las Vegas Summer League Game Recap: Spurs Lose To Cavaliers In Second Round Of Vegas Tournament, 72-68

The San Antonio Spurs' hopes of a Las Vegas summer league championship were dashed today as they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 72-66. It was a tight game that came down to the final minutes, but the Cavaliers ended up making more plays at the end and came away with the victory.


Here's what I took away from the loss:

  • Marcus Denmon, the Spurs' 59th overall pick in 2012, finally had a notable game. He shot 7-14 from the field, including 5-10 from three. Denmon's game was comparable to that of Gay Neal, meaning he was great as not only a spot up shooter but was able to put it in from deep off the dribble in pick-and-roll sets. Unfortunately, being comparable to Gary Neal isn't always a good thing, as Denmon took a few bad shots at the end of the game, opting to go with hero ball instead of moving the ball.

  • Besides Denmon, nobody else on the Spurs played that well. DeShaun Thomas wen't 1-12 froom the field. Nando De Colo went 1-8 from the field and had 5 turnovers. Aron Baynes managed to go 6-14 for 13 points and 10 boards, but he struggled down low with Tyler Zeller. It was just a bad game overall for the whole crew. It happens, and it's not really anything to worry about for any of those guys, it's just hard to win when the team plays that way.

  • Dion Waiters played this game as if to say to the Cavs management, "I'm way too good to be down here; don't you dare ever send me to play in a summer league game again." He finished with 27 points on 12-23 shooting and was generally a terror for the Spurs to guard. He darted through the lane whenever he wanted, backed down the smaller guards defending him and when all else failed he would rise up and nail a jumper. He was on his game, and there was nothing to do to stop him.

  • Really quickly, I just want to shout out the little kids cheering at the game. If you were watching on tv, the audio probably picked it up and you heard them. They were cheering for the Spurs the whole time and never let up. They caught a lot of flack for being "loud' and "annoying" because they kept on doing the same "Let's Go Spuuuuu-urs" chant over and over, but you know what? People who give those kids flack have no soul. They were having a great time and were cheering for actual basketball reasons. The only time the arena ever livens up like that is when there's free stuff involved, so it was nice seeing those kids cheer for basketball. So thank you, random huge group of children. You are appreciated.

Now, even though the Spurs lost this game and are out of the tournament, they aren't done with summer league. There's a consolation game to be played tomorrow, Friday, at 7:00 PM, against the Milwaukee Bucks, who lost their game against the Los Angeles Lakers earlier today.