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Spurs make it official, sign Jeff Pendergraph to 2 year deal

General Manager R.C. Buford says Pendergraph came highly recommended from new assistant Jim Boylen, who he worked with in Indiana.

Andy Lyons

The San Antonio Spurs made a lot of moves official today, including the signing of Jeff Pendergraph. The team did not disclose the terms of the deal, but initial reports are it's a two year deal just under $2 million a year.

Pendergraph might be the most interesting of this summer's signings, which is weird to think about since he'll likely compete with Aron Baynes for minutes as the team's fifth big. But he has skill set unlike any other big on the Spurs' roster. And as R.C. Buford said Thursday when the team announced the signing, Pendergraph comes highly recommended from new assistant coach Jim Boylen. (H/T to Mike Monroe).

"He's a very physical player," Buford said. "His skill set fits us. He's a good passer who can play four and five. All indications are he's an 18-foot jump shooter who just hasn't had a lot of opportunities."

So basically he just described DeJuan Blair, just two inches taller and has a jumper. It'll be interesting to see if he gets the opportunities he didn't get in Indiana and whether he'll take advantage of them, much like Blair did when he got the minutes. If he does, he could bring a different dynamic to the Spurs front court which severely lacked athleticism last year.