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Super slow motion video of Tony Parker's incredible buzzer beater

Here's a play that'll benefit from viewing it at 120 frames per second.

Christian Petersen

This is so gorgeous that it's almost not worth taking the time to write about it, but when LeBron James said that Tony Parker did everything wrong on the play before he did everything right, it's pretty much true. Except for the quibble that Tony did just one thing wrong at the beginning of the play -- he lost control of the ball -- and then spent the rest of the shot clock trying to get any kind of control over the ball, or the play.

From that first mishandling as he tried to drive on Chris Bosh, to narrowly avoiding Dwayne Wade's steal attempt, to tapping it away from LeBron's swipe, to nearly double-dribbling and losing control again, to trying to plant his right foot but having it slip out from under him, to falling to the court but keeping his dribble alive so that he could stand back up and pivot, to turning toward the bucket in a way that made LeBron think he was going to shoot a fadeaway, to avoiding the block by double-clutching, to finally shooting that beautifully balanced and coordinated floater (thank you Chip Engelland) at the precise angle that would allow it to bank off the glass, drop toward the hoop and take a couple of bounces on the rim before falling into the net ... yeah, that's a play that'll benefit from viewing it at 120 frames per second. Good thing they had those cameras at the game last night, eh?

By the way, this is even nicer in full screen mode, so don't be shy about heading over to YouTube to see the original in all of its 720p HD glory.