Happy All Finals' Eve!


'Twas the night before Finals, throughout AAA
Not a bleacher was stirring because, "Hey, it won't be
the mid second quarter for about 21 hours, let's go get wasted."

The TVs were turned off in New York and LA,
cause the Spurs were back for a title, to play.

The Silver and Black, all snug in their beds,
Visions of Larrys danced in their heads;
And Chip in a kerchief, and Pop in a cap,
(That line sounded like old gangsta rap)

At the end of round one, what a great jamboree!
The Lakers were swept like so much debris.
Ka-Pow! went Gasol; Night-night went Howard,
Who got himself tossed, such a heel and a coward

Then a fright in round two from young Stephen and Klay
Who started air raids with their deep bombs away,
Game one pounding the rock, with TP as the spark
Brought a Manu game-winner from outside the arc.

Though it was tough, quite more than expected,
The Spurs prevailed; and GS was dejected.
Next up the Grizzlies, named after bears
and chosen by pundits (like anyone cares).

The hopes of the Simmons (and Magic, and Ja-
len Rose) were toasted then casually sweep away.
All that remained were the Miami Heat;
Just one more favored opponent to beat.

Our guys came too far, have waited for years
to finish this journey with sorrow and tears
There shall be singing! There shall be dance!
(And possibly many a drunk without pants).

We've got a plus in a $10 suit
he's mean to reporters but he don't give a hoot
G-Pop's got to focus - it's his job, don't you see?
To sometimes ask for a little nasty.

The Heat's number one, the Cavs' refugee
Is the best in the world, the league MVP;
With a ball in his hand, he can do anything
except come to Texas and leave with a ring

The Big Three are balling and ready to win
and waiting for Finals to freakin' begin;
The Miami Heat are in for a fight
Cause the Spurs won't go gentle into that good night.

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