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Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 Game Thread

This is your Loser Thread™ for the evening

Chris Graythen

It's almost over, Spurs fans! The wait is almost over! In a few hours we will know who our San Antonio Spurs will face in the Finals.

A lot of people, myself included, thought the Heat were going to waltz through the East bracket and into the Finals but the Pacers were having none of that. So here we are, in game seven. The Pacers have nothing to lose but for the Heat this could be a tough loss after winning the championship last season. With the restrictions for teams paying tax kicking in next season, the Heat could have a hard time rebuilding their roster and this season showed just how much they rely on their stars.

The Pacers on the other hand seem like and up and coming team. Hill, George and Hibbert make for a solid core of two-way players and they will have Danny Granger back next season to incorporate or trade. But it doesn't really seem like they are just happy to be there; they want to win. And I'm assuming most Spurs fans want them to advance, as not only they have George Hill suiting up but also would likely be a better match-up for our guys.

I'm sure some people would love to make this game about Lebron and his legacy but the guy has been pretty great all series long. He just needs Wade and Bosh to step up and the role players to give the team a boost. The Heat work better when they can space the floor and be confident that whoever is left open will sink the shots. The Pacers, meanwhile, are doing it with a good old fashioned approach of defense and size, not unlike how the Grizzlies got to the West Finals but with better perimeter scorers.

But you know all this. What is awesome is we will know who are we playing against in the Finals in a couple of hours. So sit tight and enjoy the show.

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Monday, Jun 3, 2013, 7:30 PM CDT
AmericanAirlines Arena

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