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2013 NBA Draft Prospect Update, Who's Moving Up?

Let's take a look at how some of the draft lottery prospects are trending.


Over the past ten days or so, as teams get deeper into the interview process with individual prospects and have a number of solo and small group workouts, we've gotten more information on who might or might not be a lottery pick. So let's take a look at a couple of the bigger movers. There will be some prospects I don't mention or talk much about, and that's not because they've fallen out, it's because they are still about where I projected them to be in my mock draft.

Nerlens Noel, C- He's still projected going first, but more and more rumors are coming out of Cleveland that it's not a sure thing. Included in those rumors are reports that he may need to take the entire season to recover from his ACL injury. He also weighed in at only 206 pounds, which makes him 30 pounds lighter than stick-man Kevin Durant. Taking thing into account, he's moved from "locked in" to "barely front runner" for going first overall.

Otto Porter, SF- I had him at #3 in my mock draft, so there isn't much room for upward mobility for him, but I think if anyone unseats Noel at #1 overall, it's Porter. He's got a great all around game, and everything I've heard about his interviews has been positive. He's NBA ready and easily the safest pick in the draft. He's so multi-talented. He could be a great fit in Cleveland, playing alongside Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, or moving Waiters to the bench and playing next to Irving and Alonzo Gee.

Victor Olidapo, SG- The junior out of Indiana continues to impress. Previously I had him at #5, but don't be surprised if he goes as early as number two or three. He is reportedly blowing everyone away with his interviews, and his athletic measurements at the combine make him a very appealing prospect. The way things currently look, his worst case scenario is being drafted fifth.

Trey Burke, PG- One of the two prospects who have fallen the most over the past ten days is Trey Burke. Combine testing showed he lacked the ideal lateral quickness for an NBA point guard. He's definitely fallen out of the top 5, and unless Detroit takes him at 8, he's probably out of the top 10.

Shabazz Muhammad, SG- His shot didn't fall well at the combine, and teams are souring on his attitude. He's gone from a surefire lottery pick to maybe a lottery pick or maybe a later first rounder. Even with the attitude, he's too talented to slide all the way out of the first round.

Lucas Noguiera, C- His stock has slipped, but only slightly. If there's a run on centers, and there will probably be at least one of them in the first round, expect him to go at the tail end of the run. He's drawing comparisons to Noel, though he's already a bit heavier. The good news is that he's looking more likely to slip to the Spurs at 28.

Steven Adams, C- He's probably the biggest mover up recently, as he's reportedly blown teams away in interviews and measured well in the combine. I don't think he's ready to play a major role as a rookie, but I think he's a can't miss prospect if you're willing to wait a couple years for him to develop. I didn't have him at all in the first round in my mock draft, and right now I don't see him falling past 20.

Those are the biggest movers over the past ten days. Like I said, this is just to keep track of where individual players are going. We should have a full scale updated mock draft (or at least the first round) soon.