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Spurs Draft DeShaun Thomas

The Spurs take a project in the second round, just right to populate the Toros, or perhaps another D-League roster.

Jonathan Daniel
H: 6' 7"
W: 220 lbs
Bday: 08/29/1991
(21 Years Old)
Current: SF/PF
Possible: SF/PF
Pick: 56 in 2013 Mock Draft
Rank 16 in NCAA Juniors
Rank 49 in Top 100 Prospects
Rank 11 in DX 2013 Draft SFs
RSCI: 17
Agent: J.R. Hensley
High School: Bishop Luers
Hometown: Ft. Wayne, IN

Year League Name GP Min Pts FG FGA FG% 2Pt 2PtA 2P% 3Pt 3PtA 3P% FTM FTA FT% Off Def TOT Asts Stls Blks TOs PFs
2012/13 NCAA Deshaun Thomas 37 35.4 19.8 7.0 15.8 44.5 5.1 10.1 50.1 1.9 5.6 34.4 3.8 4.6 83.4 1.7 4.2 5.9 1.3 0.5 0.3 1.4 1.5

Stats from

Thomas doesn't shoot the three reliably. He is a below average defender.

That said, he can score in bunches and was a leader on and off the floor on a pretty good Ohio State squad. He doesn't turn it over much, so that's good.

He's got outstanding character, despite the fact that he refused to give NBA teams, including the Spurs, his phone number. Pretty unusual, but aren't the Spurs a pretty unusual bunch? He also has a son.

I see him ending up better than Marcus Denmon: a guy who could ball in college, but probably will never do much in the league. Thomas will end up on someone's roster eventually, because he can score, but his defensive deficiencies and lack of consistent range will keep him from ever making much of a mark.