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Why the Spurs should pick Allen Crabbe

Last year, I did a mock draft that made its way around the interwebs and actually held up somewhat on draft day. This year, spursfansteve did a great job with his mock, and I've been publicly quiet on draft talk. I've been very busy with traveling, but I've also been searching for that one can't miss pick in this draft that could be within the Spurs' reach and could bring a whole new dimension to their play. And I found him. His name is Allen Crabbe.


H: 6' 6"
W: 197 lbs
Bday: 04/04/1992
(21 Years Old)
Current: SG
Possible: SG
Pick: 25 in 2013 Mock Draft
Rank 6 in NCAA Juniors
Rank 28 in Top 100 Prospects
Rank 5 in DX 2013 Draft SGs
RSCI: 72
Agent: Sam Goldfeder
High School: Price
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Predraft Measurements

Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Bench Press Lane Agility 3/4 Court Sprint Class Rank
6' 5.25" 6' 6.25" 197 6' 11.25" 8' 7.5" 4.7 30.5 36.0 10 10.67 3.32 NA

Basic Per Game Statistics - Comprehensive Stats - Statistical Top 25s

Year League Name GP Min Pts FG FGA FG% 2Pt 2PtA 2P% 3Pt 3PtA 3P% FTM FTA FT% Off Def TOT Asts Stls Blks TOs PFs
2012/13 NCAA Allen Crabbe 33 36.2 18.4 6.5 14.2 45.9 4.6 8.6 53.2 1.9 5.6 34.8 3.4 4.2 81.3 1.0 5.1 6.1 2.6 1.1 0.7 2.5 2.1

Stats courtesy from DraftExpress

The skinny on Crab

Crabbe could very possibly be a Klay Thompson-like contributor right away. He is arguably the most natural shooter in this draft, yet somehow, just about every one has him going at the back end of the first round. It's a deep deep draft for shooting guards, and Chad Ford has him running fourth at that position in the draft.

Quite simply, the guy's unstoppable when he's on. I'm not sure if Kawhi could shut his Steph Curry-esque stroke down when it's falling. His shooting percentage would likely be higher if he wasn't the best player on his team, and in the whole PAC-12.

The biggest knock on him is in his aggressiveness and athleticism. Not that he's slow or clunky or a pushover, but he hasn't displayed lottery quickness or hops, and he seems uncomfortable putting the ball on the floor. But that's just the thing. On the Spurs, we could just utilize his catch and shoot prowess off the pick and roll and by using our quality passers and ball handlers to create open looks for him. Oh, and I saw a floater from him that looks smooth and controlled. You know how we Spurs fans love our floaters.

Hell come into the league without a strongly developed defensive game, but he's got the body to be strong there, and he's very coachable. He would likely progress past Gary Neal in his first couple of seasons.

One telling evaluation of a prospect is how his college fans feel about him. I couldn't read much bad about him on Cal Golden Blogs, and the general consensus is that he's ready to make the jump. By contrast, few Texas fans felt Cojo was ready, and we weren't just being selfish.

So can we get him? We would have to treat him like Kawhi in that we would need to track him closely and likely trade up a few spots, maybe to 20 or so. Wouldn't have to give up a George Hill this time though.