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Enjoying Game 7, regardless of the outcome

A great chance to enjoy what's been 16 years in the making.


On the road, it's silence you want.Not the anthem of a soulless army brought to life by success of those mercenaries they pay to unknowingly haunt the game that is loved around the world. No, it is the silence that is so sweet when you are away from home. It is the silence that I will cheer for and embrace tonight. The peace of playing a beautifully executed game in front of those who wish for nothing but your failure. Execution, that is truly the key.

Tonight I will have less emotion than in Game six because I have made the conscious decision to enjoy my team. I will neither expect a win or a loss, but I will rather expect to enjoy the game as a blindly loyal fan of a team that has so many players that I have come to love in a way. These are not perfect men or even perfect basketball players, but rather they are flawed. They are old, young and inconsistant, but they are a team. They are my team.

Tonight I will continue to be in awe of Tim Duncan and his amazing talent and drive that makes him one of the best players at an age where most men in his profession can no longer make an impact on this game. Tonight I will enjoy the beautifully unique game of a Argentine who, though not what he once was, still has the heart of an entire city and an entire nation riding along with him in his ups and downs. Tonight I will be surprised at how a young quiet Kawhi Leonard has that many points and rebounds already and think on how good he is not what he might be. Tonight I will watch with delight as Tony Parker darts around bigger stronger players and makes shots a man his size shouldn't even think to attempt. Tonight I will watch as this team of cast offs and misfits plays as one.

Win or lose this run has been awesome. This team with these players and coaches and of course with the fans. I couldn't be more proud of a team that I have like and rooted for over two decades. To me, this is a night to enjoy my team, the antithesis of their opponent. A core group that has stuck together thru thick and thin and sits, once again, on the verge of becoming the best their sport has to offer. This is my team and your team. This is San Antonio's team and for this night, this is Texas' team. It's also Argentina's team and France's team. Hell, it might even be Brazil's team. One thing is for sure, the Spurs are a TEAM and they will play like one tonight.

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! Today we celebrate our Spurs!

Go Spurs Go!