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LeBron's chagrin is Spurs fans' delight

Here's a YouTube video to gladden the heart of any Spurs fan who's upset at the news that Joey Crawford will ref tonight's Game 6 in Miami. Also, lot's of cool GIFs.


It's Game 5 of the Finals. LeBron James shoots a free throw, misses, slaps his hands against each other in consternation and steps back up to the line, ready to shoot his second. Then the buzzer sounds, announcing a player's entering the game. LeBron quickly swings his head around to see who it is and his expression immediately changes to one of disgust and disappointment. He shakes his head and drops an F-bomb while popping out his mouthpiece and stepping away from the free throw line. Mike Breen says the words "Leonard comes in and Green will sit."

It has to be seen to be believed, and yet the more I watch it, the more the impossible seems to be as obvious as the grimace on LeBron's face: The league's best basketball player didn't want to see the Spurs' 21-year-old small forward enter the game. There's no other explanation that I find plausible for his reaction. See for yourself.

And now ... lotsa GIFs

Danny Green's presence of mind -- and lights out shooting

This just happens to be the three-pointer that put Danny Green ahead of Ray Allen as the sole possessor of the NBA record holder for the most threes ever made in a single Finals series. But that's not why I've included it.

The big deal here is the fact that Green knew he was being trailed by Dwayne Wade on this play because both of them fell underneath the Heat basket as the ball was rebounded. Danny didn't want to get blocked, and had the presence of mind, even as he was receiving the ball and planting for his jumper, to take a look over his left shoulder to see whether he had enough room to get his shot off.

I remember thinking as he did so that it would increase the difficulty on the shot. It obviously didn't make a bit of difference.


I wasn't the only one to notice Danny's peek:

Here's a nice shot by Manu


And here's another


Here's a pass from Manu to Danny for a three


And a pass from Boris to Danny for a three


And finally: these were specially requested by tgojh of KL from G4