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J.R. Wilco talks Finals games 1-3 on the Phil Naessens Show

It's another episode of the Phil Naessens Show, and there is lots of basketball to discuss. Since the last podcast, three Finals games have happened, and JRW and Phil talk about it all: Tony Parker's incredible shot at the end of Game 1, Miami's huge win in Game 2, and the San Antonio's even bigger win in Game 3. Also, who's in LeBron James' head?

The Spurs lead the Heat two games to one in the NBA Finals, and there's no one better to discuss it with than the man who's quickly becoming my favorite podcaster, Phil Naessens. We talk Spurs and Heat just like last week, but this week there are actual games to discuss.

I'm his only guest this time, so just like last week, there are 42 minutes and some odd seconds of talk about the Spurs, PtR, and various things Wilco.

Take a listen. Phil is a great guy to talk basketball with.

He also asks me about this and that.