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Morning Rehash: That Escalated Quickly

The Spurs looked like they were right in the mix of things for most of game two, but a late third quarter Miami eruption turned this game from another wire-to-wire potential Spurs steal to a head scratching blowout.


Sad Opening Hash

Well, in the words of Ron Burgandy, "That escalated quickly, that really got out of hand." Was game two a blowout? By the scoreboard's point of view, yes indeed it was. Miami drove and kicked the Spurs in the teeth over and over again in this game, making the deficit eventually insurmountable. However, what's frustrating about this game is that the Spurs were in it, they had a one point lead in the third and were playing incredible D on LeBron James. It was not a blowout, it was a flawed game sure, but one trident in the heart later, Tracy McGrady was in and the Spurs were tied 1-1.

Game Hash

This is going to be jumbled...because I am still not recovered from this loss and like I said in the article the other day, I am trying to fight off the pessimism in my soul that tells me we are going to be backdoor swept. Here we go, when Danny Green opened the game with three straight threes, I thought two things. 1) Good for Danny, this dude has come so far since last year's WCF! 2) I don't like that we had to open up the game with three straight Danny Green threes. The Heat's defense (in my eyes) was not that different in game two, they were still trapping Tony on the pick and roll, they just put LBJ on him earlier. And honestly, LeBron couldn't seem to guard him at all. There were sequences in this game where Tony looked better than he did in game one, and where I thought a point explosion would soon come. I'm still dumbfounded to why he didn't play better. Gary Neal's eight first half points also scared the crap out of me, because I didn't like the fact that we needed eight Neal points to only be down five to a Heat team where LeBron had four. I hope Neal keeps shooting the ball confidently when his number is called the rest of this series, and it looks like it will be.

I've never been more upset at Ginobili's play, the whole game he looked like the ball was covered in oil and he couldn't get a hold of the slippery thing. He wasn't aggressive, I thought his shot selection really destroyed the offensive rhythm. Though Leonard couldn't make a shot to save his life in the first half, he came to destroy Bieber's dreams in the second half. His defense all game was phenomenal and I really do think it will be superb on LeBron all series. He's just a good match up for The King. He's long, disruptive and takes away LeBron's space and if Pop can figure out the Chalmers pick and roll they should be alright. I don't even want to talk about the Heat's run, because we all saw it and it was brutal. It was so brutal because it happened so fast, the game was in reach and then it wasn't. This game was the opposite of last years Western Conference Finals to me, instead of the big three playing incredibly and the role players disappearing, the big three was nowhere to be found. Neal, Green and Leonard played excellent games and were putting us in position to win, the mighty trio just looked uninterested. As for Tiago, we now have proof to what we already awkward out of control Brazilian who is losing his grip on the ball will have trouble tomahawk dunking on the most athletic black man in the NBA. Pop punted this game pretty early, clearly getting rest for game three and I didn't see anything in this game to make me think the rest of this series will be a runaway for the Heat. But, it's scary the Spurs were up one and the Heat turned the tide that fast against them. You cannot make mistakes against the Heat. The Spurs need better ball movement, smarter handling and need to be more aggressive in order to regain control of this series.

Game Highlights Game 2 Micro Movie

I'll be honest with you, there are precious few plays from the good guys on this vid.


23: The Number of missed shots by Duncan, Parker and Manu.

10: The Number of makes by Duncan, Parker and Manu.

100%: The shooting percentage of Danny Green in game two. Sorry your friends didn't step up around you Danny. He looked like he was still shooting a burger commercial out there.

1-1: The score of this series so far and the second time the Spurs have ever been tied after two games in the Finals. The first coming in 2003 against the Nets after a game two loss in San Antonio, which I went to.

1: The Number of Finals games LeBron James has won against the Spurs. Let's hope that number doesn't read four in 2013.

19: How much the Spurs lost by and how many points off turnovers Miami had against them.

Infinity: The number of times we will have to see LeBron's block of Splitter replayed.

7: The number of quarters in this series the Spurs haven't had the lead after. For those counting, there have been eight quarters in this series...

0: The amount of home games the Spurs have lost this postseason where there are no one legged threes by Stephen Curry.