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GIFS: Awesome plays from Spurs vs Warriors Game 1


Contrary to what you might have thought if you missed it and had to rely on some network's highlights package, the Warriors @ Spurs Game 1 of the Western Conference Semis did not start with Stephen Curry's monster third quarter. Here are some of the "lost gems" from our beloved Spurs valiant efforts to shake off the rust and keep pace with the white-hot visitors:

With the Dubs up 26-21 Manu Ginobili tries to take matters into his own hands with a clutch 3 pointer, only to have it blocked. BUT MANU WILL NOT BE DENIED! He takes his ball and goes home gives a mean jab step to free himself up for... a clutch 3 pointer. Beautiful.


Kawhi Leonard is getting warmed up people! Here, he's had just about enough. He takes the "weak sauce" pass from Andrew Bogut (who looks disgusted with himself for trying that pass in the first place) and races down court for for one of his patented dunks,bringing the Spurs to within one point at 58-57.


Can't layup with hands like these.


With the Spurs down 6, Tony Parker puts the defense on skates and lays the ball in right in front of Bogut to get the score to 63-59. These Dubs are pesky for sure. D'Antoni approves I like a healthy TP!


TIM DUNCAN IS THE TERMINATOR! Fighting off the flu bug, BigFun goes spin cycle, dangles a carrot and takes candy from a baby to avoid the steal attempt -- all for a tough and beautiful layup in the paint. (OK, perhaps it wasn't intentional and he almost lost the handle, but the recovery and bucket are sweet, sweet lemonade.) This brings the score to a respectful 78-72. I don't know if you guys have heard, Golden State has at least one guy that can shoot. No, it's not you Mark Jackson!


At this point, the game seemed to be getting out of hand... Things were typed, names were called, trades were about to go down mid game AND we were down 12. What is it they say about darkest before the dawn? Like a ray of sunshine breaking through the fog, Manu finds Kawhi at the end of a beautiful rainbow-like pass for a near 360 layup+1! Just when we needed you most... Life, and a 98-87 score that we would build on. Don't fall asleep or change the channel folks, things were just getting interesting.


Following a 3 pointer by Kawhi, Boris (WhataGuy) Diaw blocks the baby-faced assassin's 3 point attempt. With time running down in the game, TP grabs the ball and does not wait for backup! OMFB! We are now at 104-101 with just over a minute to go in the game.


Regulation would end in a 106 all contest. Restart! And you already know what happened from there.