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Manu Ginobili's game winner in double overtime over the Warriors

Ronald Martinez

Of all of the fantastic and awesome plays in the fifty-eight minutes of Game 1 action between the Spurs and Warriors Monday evening, which was the moment when you let yourself start believing that the Spurs had it in them tonight? Mine was when Ginobili got through the lane for the retro slam. Like he was in his twenties again. Like he had long hair flowing about his visage as he left defenders in his wake.

But the Warriors had that insane 3rd quarter when Stephen Curry literally could not miss. And by the time the Spurs' 4th quarter comeback started gaining some momentum, this tweet marked the moment with an awesome pop culture reference:

Oh, yeah. The moment against which I judge all fictitious works when they reveal how powerful the bad guy is. Well in this case, my loyal £ers, it's not the bad guys showing their mettle, it's our Spurs. And once they'd set the game back to zero at the end of regulation and the first overtime (and after Manu had showed us just how poor his decision-making can be) this happened.

As #20 for the Warriors, Kent Bazemore, tried to recover and erase Jarrett Jack's mistake, #20 for the Spurs adjusted his usual three-point stroke, and shot a high-arching rainbow (his 20th shot of the game) and it was true. That compelled the remaining faithful Spurs fans in the AT&T Center to blow the roof off the joint.

After the game, Cameron Archer texted me, "Manu Ginobili: goat to god." And I must say I was in no mood to disagree with him on either count. Final, 2OT: Spurs 129, Warriors 127.

What a game.