ANSWERS: Guess the Sneakers

No one figured out all of the sneakers wearers correctly, but most of you proved to be pretty observant. An added note - they get new sneakers regularly because they wear down the treads on the bottom. Two years ago Manu gave a pair of his old ones to a friend from Argentina who was sitting with me, signed and dated, and they were really worn down. Here are the correct responses:

#1 - Nando

#2 - Timmy

#3 - Tony

#4 - Baynes

#5 - Timmy

#6 - Neal

#7 - Manu - he also has a black pair similar to Neal's black ones

#8 - Neal - he also has a white pair that look totally different from the grey and the black ones - I think he has been trying out various models to find one that felt the best for his plantar facsciitis.

#9 - Mills

#10 - Timmy

#11 - Bonner - perhaps the only NBA player to wear New Balance

#12 - Diaw

#13 - Jackson

#14 - Tiago - he also has these in white - they sparkle a little!

#15 - Tracy McGrady - the heels are extremely shiny, almost like a mirror. He has also been seen in a black pair with red trim, perhaps left over from his days with the Rockets ?

#16 - Timmy again - his entire sense of fashion is devoted to cool sneakers. He is now wearing the ones with the stripes around the ankle, and the grey ones are worn with the grey uniforms.

#17 - Bonner

#18 - NBA Superfan Jim Goldstein

#19 - SA Express News reporter Dan McCarney

#20 - PTR's very own Aaron Preine

Thanks for playing along - we'll make this an annual thing.

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