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Spur Wars - Round II: The Golden State Strikes Back

May The Fourth Be With You! As the Spur alliance goes deeper into the postseason, new challenges--and new enemies--come to the fore...who will survive the saga's darkest chapter?

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A long time ago in a town far, far away...

It is a dark time for the Small Market Alliance. Although Round One saw the destruction of the Lake Star, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the West. Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom ballplayers led by Tony SkyParker has established a new secret practice facility on the remote ice world of Utah. The evil lord Darth Bryant, obsessed with finding young SkyParker, has dispatched thousands of remote Twitter probes into the far reaches of space....


One of his tweets lands on the icy planet and surveys the landscape. SkyParker, patrolling the secret facility on his tauntaun, discovers the probe and is going in for a closer look when he is ambushed by the monstrous Crawpa, a hideous and angry officiating creature who hates laughter. The unconscious SkyParker is stuck upside-down in the black-and-white striped cave of the Crawpa.


Awaking to find himself secured by the Crawpa's whistle cords, SkyParker uses The Zone to get his light saber, free himself, and cut the grimace off the wicked creature before stumbling, delirious, into the cold night where he eventually collapses in the snow. But just before he succumbs to the blizzard, SkyParker sees the ghost of his late mentor, Obi-Tim Duncobi, who tells Tony that he must go the the planet SanAnbah and seek out the great Spur Knight master, YodaPop.


Meanwhile, Manu Solo finds the missing SkyParker and creates a shelter to keep the young guard warm through the night. The next morning, the young Cor Josephca spots the two rebels and makes contact. The "Rogue 5" pilot brings them back to the practice facility for medical care.


As Tony recovers from his injuries, the Imperial fleet heads toward the remote planet, having learned of the rebels' secret location from the Twitter probe. The Imperial Jumpshooters, led by General Jackson, attack the hidden practice facility with their long-range AT-AT Thompsons. SkyParker single-handedly brings down a Thompson, but the facility is soon overrun by the accuracy of the Jumpshooters.


Princess Tia, Manu, Diawbacca and C3-Kleo manage to flee in the Millennium Coyote, but the Euro-drive malfunctions during the escape.


Tony SkyParker, instead of heading to the rendezvous point, quickly changes course, with D2-B2 in tow. After crashing on SanAnbah, Tony meets a cranky and eccentric swamp inhabitant, who agrees to take him to YodaPop. Instead, the creature takes SkyParker to his wine cellar and when Tony insists on seeing the Spur Knight, the slightly-inebriated creature bemoans the young ballplayer's patience. Then the spirit of Obi-Tim tells the cranky creature that the boy will learn patience if he is properly coached. Tony finally realizes that this wizened individual is the master he's been seeking. Eventually YodaPop starts SkyParker on a rigorous training regimen, in hopes that Tony will be fearless when confronted with the dark side of The Zone.


On the other side of the Western Conference, Manu decides to hide The Millenium Coyote in an asteroid field to avoid the pursuit of the Imperial Starfleet. The crew lands inside a cavern, hoping for time to repair the Euro-drive. Darth Bryant orders the fleet to sweep the asteroid field, regardless of the damage it may wreak on his ships. Despite the imminent danger, the intrepid team is forced to flee the asteroid when a Jack Slug randomly appears and tries to scrub the ship from existence.


Unable to locate the rogue Coyote, the Empire enlists the help of several bounty hunters, including the deadly Boba Steph. Manu decides to attack the lead destroyer, but at the last moment, veers away and attaches The Millennium Coyote to the underside of the Imperial ship.


Having avoided detection, the group waits for the Empire to dump their trash and drifts away amongst the wreckage. Still needing to repair the ship, the team heads toward Gold City, unaware that Boba Steph is on their trail as they land at Gold City, hoping for help from Lando McGradian.


However, the rebels are suspicious of Manu's old friend when the ultra-defensive C3-Kleo is found deactivated. Their suspicions are well-founded, as McGradian has sold out the team to the Empire to protect his league status.. Darth Bryant plans to use Solo as bait for Tony SkyParker, and freezes the renegade in carbonite. Boba Steph takes the temporarily-incapacitated Manu, intent on acquiring the bounty from JimBussa the Hutt. Darth then reneges on his promise to McGradian to free the others, ordering the Peanaughts to take Princess Tia, Diawbacca, and C3-Kleo to his destroyer.


SkyParker, sensing a disturbance in The Zone, leaves SanAnbah to try and save his friends. He arrives at Gold City, and while walking through the corridors, Tony sees Boba Steph leaving with Manu. SkyParker tries to intercede, but the bounty hunter escapes with his prize. The young ballplayer then meets up with his rebel cohorts, who escape the Imperial Jumpshooters with the help of the reformed McGradian.


The team flees the overtaken city, while Admiral Bogutt of the Imperial Starfleet closes in. D2-B2 activates The Coyote's Euro-drive, and the team escapes, and regroups to consider how best to rescue Manu Solo from the clutches of the deadly accurate Boba Steph.


Despite his promise to Emperor PalpaStern, Darth Bryant is unable to turn Tony SkyParker over to the dark side of The Zone, mostly because he could not catch the agile young ballplayer. (What did you expect? It takes a good 6-9 months to recover from Achilles tendon surgery.) So Darth retreats to the burned-out wreckage of the Lake Star.

The Emperor is not pleased.


Story continues in Episode III


Story - CapHill (with no apologies to George Lucas)

Concepts - DrumsInTheDeep and JRW

Photoshop Images - Drums and Aaron Preine

Special thanks to Wiki and Wookieepedia

Disclaimer for the legal eagles: "Star Wars," the Star Wars logo, its characters and creations are the property of Lucasfilm and the Walt Disney Company. Purchase the original trilogy on Blu Ray!