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Respect for your San Antonio Spurs

Apparently, making the finals has turned a few heads. Check out these links!

Stephen Dunn

Suddenly, everyone is realizing what we have known for the last decade: THE SPURS ARE AWESOME!

Check out these two articles from the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC. It feels good to know that our Spurs are finally getting their due. In fact, it's fantastic.


"The Completely Awesome San Antonio Spurs" -- Jason Gray, Wall Street Journal

The Spurs are having a moment. On its way to another final, San Antonio is getting a re-inspection and re-appreciation. The "boring" jibes sound hollow. If anything has gotten dull, it's claiming that the Spurs are dull. That's so five years ago.



"Mysterious, Wise and at Peace: Duncan is just Duncan" -- Joe Posnanski, MSNBC

Duncan almost certainly would have been the first pick in the draft after his sophomore year, but he came back to Wake Forest. He would have been the first pick in the draft after his junior year, for sure - and just about everyone thought he would go out - but once more he went back to Wake Forest to complete his senior year. Odom says that they were in the car after Duncan's junior year and heading to the airport for the Wooden Award ceremony (Duncan did not win it until his senior year). He told Duncan, "You will get a lot of questions there about why you're coming back to Wake Forest."

Duncan, typically, looked out the window and did not say anything.

"No, Tim, this is important," Odom said. "Let's pretend I'm one of those reporters? Was it a hard decision to come back to Wake Forest?"

Duncan kept looking out the window, but he said: "No. It wasn't hard."

Odom: "It wasn't? You didn't agonize over leaving millions of dollars on the table?"

Duncan said: "I didn't agonize. I just thought, why should I try to do today what I will be better prepared to do a year from now."