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Thursday 30/05 night Heat-Pacers Loser Thread

Use this thread to comment on Heat-Pacers


Here's your Loser Thread. But first...

Pounders, Spurs fans, friends, lend me your ears.

We have to start enjoying the moment more. The Spurs are in the Finals and that's no easy feat. The team everyone thought was d.o.n.e took out the Lakers, Warriors and Grizzlies in 14 games while the Heat, who were supposed to waltz through the playoffs are fighting it out with the Pacers one the Leastern Conference. We should take pride in that and enjoy it a bit, especially considering we'll have a few days before the Finals start.

The Spurs are a great team! They really are. There is a reason they are in the finals and no, the Westbrook injury isn't it. They made it out of the West because they are a disciplined, talented, deep team . Now, is it possible they lose in the finals? Sure, but why don't we let that happen before worrying about it?

I understand that people might enjoy themselves on their own and when they come to PtR they want to discuss the details of the game and that's fine. But considering we have a lot of time before tip off, let's all just allow ourselves to be happy and rejoice in the presence of Tim's greatness.

With that out of the way, the Heat Waves (Heat is impossible to use as it messes with the singular/plural grammar rules) and the Pacers are playing game five of their series. The winner plays the Spurs in the Finals so I'm guessing a lot of you will be watching. So let's hang out here and talk about the game. Let me know in the comments who do you think will advance and who do you want to advance. Is avoiding the heartbreak of playing against George Hill worth going against Lebron?