Missing Stephen Jackson...

When the Spurs waived Stephen Jackson just before the regular season ended, I was shocked. I came to grips with it, but deep down I wondered about a playoff situation where the Spurs would need toughness, another body to match-up with an athletic wing, or clutch plays down the stretch. This never became an issue in the first round series against the Lakers.

During the first two games of the Warriors series where Curry and Thompson shot lights out, I don't think it would have mattered who the Spurs had on the roster.

Then in game 4, with a chance to bury the Warriors down 3-1, it happened; it was time for a Stephen Jackson moment. This is where S-Jax comes off the bench and harasses Harrison Barnes, while Leonard and Green continue to shackle Thompson and Curry. This is where S-Jax fights for a rebound or tip and takes it from the other team. There is where S-Jax makes a 3 pointer or drives to the bucket for a critical score when everybody else is shooting bricks and getting tight.

Yep, game 4 should have been a Spurs victory. The dreaded Stephen Jackson moment appeared in the playoffs, and he wasn't there, and the Spurs lose a winnable game. One of the worst of my fears, aside from one of our key players getting injured, happened right before my eyes.

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