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GIF: Fancy Manu Ginobili pass to Tony Parker ends in a triple-bouncing three pointer


In the fourth quarter of Game Two in the Spurs vs Lakers first round series, Manu Ginobili directs traffic for Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair while Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker occupy the corners. Bonner drops into the paint as Blair sets a high screen for Manu, who drives right and towards the paint before being stopped by Howard while Bonner retreats to the left wing beyond the three point line. Manu passes back to Bonner, who also dribbles to the right of the lane before pulling up and passing back to Manu who, in a single motion, catches the pass and immediately converts it into a behind-the-back pass to Parker, who's wide open in the right corner, for a three pointer.

Because it'd be too normal at this point for the ball to just fall through the net, it hits flush with the top of the front part of the rim, bounces high into air, taps high off the backboard ever so gently as the 24 second clock expires, and drops back to the rim where it bounces twice more before finally, and obediently, sliding through the bucket for the Spurs' 100th point of the evening.


Watch it again and notice that Tony is the only player who doesn't move for the entire play.