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GIF: Kawhi destroys World Peace!

With little to no regard for World Peace, Kawhi puts his stamp on game 1 of the 2013 playoffs.


With just 8:08 left in game 1 of the Lakers @ Spurs first round match up in the 2013 playoffs and the Lakers still within shouting distance, Kawhi Leonard laid down the KaBoom! After doing a great job of getting back on Metta World Peace after helping Matt Bonner defend Dwight Howard, Kawhi blocks Artest's World Peace's 3 point shot attempt and runs out just in time to receive a perfect full-court pass from Tony Parker.

Not content to show up Metta on just one side of the ball, Kawhi gets the pass just in time to give his opposite number a head fake that sends MWP flying by, leaving himself open for an easy bucket.


From under the basket it's easy to see it's nothing but net:


From over the basket Ron-Ron disappears from the frame like he's on his way out of the arena:


World Peace is a myth anyway, right?