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GIF: Tim Duncan goes right by Pau Gasol for a slick layup from under the basket

When Duncan's making moves like this, it's easy to forget that he'll turn 37 in just a few days.

Ronald Martinez

In the third quarter of Game 1 of the Spurs first round series against the Lakers, the Spurs once 12 point lead was shrinking when Tim Duncan faced up against Pau Gasol and drove baseline to sink a rare, leave-behind, no-glass layup.


Pretty stuff there, Timmeh.

[Editor's note: There's so much to enjoy here. First, you'll notice that from where he is when he receives the ball, (and from Tony Parker running through to clear out the left side of the floor) that this is the famous Four Down play of Spurs legend. Duncan does more than he usually does as far as faking a hand-off to Tony, and after Blake follows San Antonio's <a href="" target="new"><em>poing guard</em></a> out of the frame, Timmeh gives Pau the slightest fake to the middle of the lane before driving to his left with two quick dribbles.

At that point Duncan elevates, recognizing several things at once: a) passing Gasol took so long that he's too far under the basket to dunk, b) his leap isn't going to take him far enough for him to try a reverse-layup, and c) Whirled Peas is quickly approaching from the weak side to try to get a block. Duncan shifts the ball to his right hand, and leaves it on the strong side of the basket where Metta can't get it, and where the lagging Gasol is too far behind the basket to reach. He watches the ball drop through the net and then takes another look back. Did he think Artest was Howard? It's hard to know what he's looking at.

Regardless, it's a gorgeous play from the captain who's showing that with the arrival of the playoffs, and the proximity of his birthday, his game is peaking at the right time. - jrw ]