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PtR Digest: Feb 6 - A links roundup


San Antonio Spurs: Incorrect Perception of Being Old, Slow and Boring | Bleacher Report
Being from, and living in, San Antonio, I am a fan of the Spurs. I remember when they played in the Alamodome and wore teal/pink/black uniforms. I have seen the team produce incredible players and amazing wins...

Danny Green is… Icy Hot | 48 Minutes of Hell
This season, one of my favorite things that I’ve done is started calling Danny Green "Icy Hot." The Spurs’ 3-point shooter goes through stretches where he’ll struggle to hit the broad side of a barn, going 0-for-5 one night and 1-for-6 the next, then immediately turn it on and be the guy opposing defenses can’t leave alone.

Video: Adam Hanga shatters backboard | February | 2013 Articles
In a recent game between Hanga's Spanish club Manresa and FC Barcelona Regal, Hanga was running off a fast break, got a pass and went straight up for the dunk and proceeded to shatter the backboard. Check it out.

Time isn't on the side of Tim Duncan and the Spurs. | : Shaun Powell Article
Tim Duncan is having one of the best seasons of his career. But at the age of 36, time may be running out for both him and the Spurs, whose title draught has lasted for six years and whose competition has gotten more fierce.

Ginobili Impressed With Former Spur Oberto's play with Athens | February | 2013 Articles
Former member of the 2007 San Antonio Spurs championship team Fabricio Oberto has been doing well so far with Athens of Cordoba that former teammate Manu Ginobili may want him back with the team. Ginobili jokingly tweeted to Oberto asking if he could get out of his current contract.

Mid-Season Review Of My Schedule Analysis | The Big Fundamental | Spurs Basketball
We are three months into the season and just passing the halfway point so I think it will be informative to see how my month to month predictions were — and extrapolate that to the season totals — but let’s start with how I evaluated the competition. Remember, my final total had the Spurs going 61-21.

Wojnarowski: Hollinger behind Butler signing resulting in Scola trade
NBA minds far and wide consider the San Antonio Spurs front office to be the best in the league since the late 90s. But ask any tried and true Spurs fan and they'll always point to the one that got away. Luis Scola.