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Recap: Spurs pummel Nets, 113-92

On New Year's Eve, the San Antonio Spurs dismantled Jason Kidd's Brooklyn Nets, 113-92. The Spurs blew it open early and the Nets were unable to mount a comeback.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Happy New Year! Hours before 2013 ended and 2014 began, the Spurs played the Brooklyn Nets. I'm going to reason with you for a second. This was more the Varsity beating on the JV than an NBA game and I've got places to be and things to drink so I need to be quick with this one. The game went as anyone that follows the NBA would have thought. Here is your recap:


As you can see from the game flow, the Nets are as terrible as Kevin Garnett is crass. This game was never in question. From the opening tip it was very evident that the Spurs were going to win this one easily. The Nets have many problems. Their main one is that most of their players are five years past their prime.

KG is 37. Paul Pierce is 36. Joe Johnson is 32 but plays like a 40-year-old. Deron Williams is not a spry 29 and started limping in the second quarter, which is par for the course. And our favorite, Jason "The Turd" Terry, is 36. Their team was simply too slow to compete tonight. Combine their lethargy with their lack of desire and it just was no contest.

The season was going about as awful as possible before the Nets lost their most productive player, Brook Lopez, for the season. Now, as Mike Craven wrote in the preview, they are a 183 million dollar dumpster fire. It's a complete disaster. Saying that Kidd has lost complete control of this team would be misleading because it implies that he at some point had control. All of the Nets played as if they had somewhere they'd rather be. The Nets, everyone!

Quick Observations

  • The starters played great for the first time with Marco Bellineli replacing Danny Green. I still disagree with it and actually have a lot to say, but I'm going to wait till they play a game that helps my argument. Kawhi Leonard, Tiago Splitter, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Marco Bellineli finished with a +/- of +30, +26, +23, +22, and +20, respectively. The next highest +/- on the team was earned by Manu Ginobili at +5. So yeah, the starters all played very well.
  • Tony Parker finished with 18 points on just seven attempts because he made nine of nine from the charity stripe. He played well again and hopefully this means his mini-slump is old news.
  • Pop went with Ayres early in this one and before the game became completely ridiculous, Jeff played some quality minutes. He was all over the offensive boards and I don't think he bobbled a single pass. He finished with eight rebounds in 21 minutes, but probably tipped another 7 or 8.
  • Other than that, I hate Jason Terry. He's been injured or playing with injuries all year and no one deserves it more. Joe Johnson immediately picked up two fouls in the first so Jason Kidd subbed in Terry. The Turd immediately began throwing cheap shots at the Spurs. Thankfully, the officials were all over it and within three minutes he had picked up two fouls and sat on the bench where he belongs. He didn't fly any jets tonight.

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