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Stampler talks with Phil Naessens about the state of the NBA

There are so many teams in this league. The Heat. The Pacers. The Bulls. The Bobcats. The WIzards. The Blazers. The Nuggets. I can't count them all, but there are A LOT. Can Phil and I cover all of them in an hour? LOL, no.

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Usually when I have my weekly chats with Mr. Naessens, we preview a half dozen of the upcoming Wednesday night's match-ups. This week though, because it's the New Year's holiday, Phil decided he wanted to try something different and instead talk about the state of the league, division by division. I was somewhere between eight and three million more times excited about that idea and I think you can really tell by the enthusiastic tone in my voice, as I deliver my soliloquies to Phil in even more hyper speed than usual. Man, do I love to talk about basketball a lot for a fella who watches so very little of it outside of Spurs games.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun hour-long chat with Phil, and my favorite part was when I breezily skipped past his efforts to guide me to talk about the Pacers --you know, the best team in the league-- so I could finish making a point about some god awful team instead. YEAH YEAH PHIL THE PACERS ARE NEAT BUT I HAVE TO DELIVER HARD-HITTING TRUTH BOMBS ABOUT DERON WILLIAMS. So embarrassing, it's like I work at ESPN.

I did avoid Phil's attempts to talk trash about the Lakers though, which surprised him, and only went Manu fan-boy at the very end, when he basically cornered me into it. All in all, it was a nice way to start what promises to be a hectic week and I suggest you give it a listen, even though I'll be the only guest this time and you won't have anyone to deliver Thunder homer-ism to counterbalance my weekly Westbrook bashing.

You can listen to the show here

In case the player above doesn't work you can listen to the entire program from Phil's site located here.

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