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Tim Duncan's crossover sends Amir Johnson to the ground


In the third quarter, BigFun Shows Amir Johnson that White Chocolate ain't got nothin' on him! Such a beautiful change from the Tragic Johnson sightings that have become favorites of Sean Elliot.


It looks like Johnson couldn't conceive of Duncan slowing down and changing directions as quickly as he did. Watching in slow motion, it's easy to see what Amir was going for: that high, lazy, full-court dribble of Duncan's is so inviting -- who wouldn't want to take a shot at nabbing it and going back the other way?

This GIF would have been a lot longer because Duncan's crossover was followed by four quick passes that ended with Marco Belinelli in the corner, wide open for a three that missed.

Still, it's nice for Timmeh to give us a such a great Chrismas gift GIF.